What's New

08-01-04 SRF Lake Shrine 2004
09-01-03 SRF Lake Shrine 2003
02-16-02 News Articles on Rajarsi Janakananda
02-10-02 SRF Artists and Musicians
02-05-01 Complete SRF Trivia Quiz online
09-30-00 Improved Ananda Moyi Ma Photos
09-18-00 St. Lynn Speech, 1937
07-15-00 Martin Luther King Jr.
07-02-00 Have Tablas, Will Travel.
06-26-00 Fun SRF Pics
05-17-00 Photo Tour of KC Sites related to J. J. Lynn (Rajarsi Janakananda)
03-22-00 Adjust Your Altitude 2000 (Family Ski Trip)
01-14-00 How I Started With Self-Realization Fellowship
11-25-99 Why We Cannot Find What We Are Looking For Here
11-15-99 SRF Convocation in Downtown L.A.
11-15-99 Pilgrimage Tour of SRF Lake Shrine (Parts 4-12)
11-15-99 Pilgrimage Tour of SRF Hollywood Temple (Part 2)
10-24-99 Pilgrimage Tour of SRF Mother Center (Parts 2 & 3)
08-14-99 The Ten Commandments & Eternal Rules to Happiness
08-08-99 Some Responses to a Sectarian Critique of SRF
08-03-99 Some 1999 Pilgrimage Favorites
07-24-99 Hindu Timeline
07-22-99 Response to Sectarianism
07-18-99 Java-powered image of Golden Lotus Arch
07-15-99 Jesus Christ & Bhagavan Krishna
07-11-99 1924 Bio of J. J. Lynn (later, Rajarsi Janakananda)
07-08-99 SRF Trivia Quiz
07-05-99 Pilgrimage to Babaji's Cave
06-20-99 If Thine Eye Be Single
06-19-99 Swami Yogananda in Kansas City, 1932!
04-09-99 Stay Happy, by Alberta Fiorella
02-24-99 A Story of Young Krishna

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