Rajarsi Janakananda, 

J. J. Lynn, in Kansas City, Missouri

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928 Grand Blvd.

        This vintage picture of the R. A. Long Building on the northwest corner of Tenth and Grand Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is where J. J. Lynn's company offices were located during his life. He spent his morning hours here in meditation since his home environment was not conducive to meditation. A kriya yogi, who became a siddha (one who has attained Self-realization), operated from the heart of the business district across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank. The R. A. Long Building is now the United Missouri Bank (UMB) Building at Tenth and Grand.

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J. J. Lynn in his office.

  A younger J. J. Lynn in his office (probably 1920's)
The portrait in the background is U.S. Epperson.

Go to Swami Yogananda in Kansas City 1932.
900 E Linwood Blvd.

        Athenaeum Auditorium is where Paramahansa Yogananda spoke for thirteen nights in 1932. Lynn attended the lectures and met his Guru here. Paramahansa Yogananda taught the science of Kriya Yoga and founded Self-Realization Fellowship. Sri Yogananda said that Lynn “meditated six hours with me the first day.” Such was his receptivity, that in that first meeting, the Guru was able to transmit to him the experience of samadhi (ecstasy). Years later Paramahansa Yogananda gave J. J. Lynn the monastic name of Rajarsi Janakananda and said that Rajarsi was a siddha yogi (a perfected being). The Guru said that Rajarsi advanced quickly because he knew how to listen.

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