James J. Lynn (Rajarsi Janakananda)
in Kansas City (News Articles)
rajarsi portrait
Title of Article
1924 James Jesse Lynn
June 14, 1925 J.J. Lynn Gets More Land
June 21, 1925 A Magic, Silent Servant
July 10, 1927 For a Big Lawn $210,000
June 16, 1929 By Concentration James J. Lynn Worked Toward His Turning Point
January, 1932 Rajarsi Meets Paramahansa Yogananda
Nov. 16, 1948 Peculiarities of the Prominent
May 13, 1951 James J. Lynn
May 21, 1954 A Million to Church
May 23, 1954 It Happened in Kansas City
Feb. 21, 1955 James J. Lynn is Dead
Feb. 22, 1955 James J. Lynn
  Rites for James J. Lynn
Feb. 25, 1955 Firms to Nephew
Feb. 27, 1955 It Happened in Kansas City
May 13, 1955 Leaves a Vast Estate
May 20, 1959 An Insurance Building Plan (memorial to J. J. Lynn)
March 8, 1966 A Kansas Citian’s Benefaction Grows
Jan. 1, 1969 Mrs. Freda Lynn Rites
March 6, 1969 Will Names 39 in $3 Million Estate

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