July 10, 1927

FOR A BIG LAWN, $210,000
Purchases Last Week Extends "Yard's"
Frontage on Meyer Boulevard
From Woodland to Prospect,
the Equivalent of 8 Blocks.

In April, 1923, J. J. Lynn, who heads the U. S. Epperson Underwriting Company, bought a 10-acre tract of land east of Brooklyn avenue, between Sixty-third and Sixty-fifth streets, immediately across the street from his home at 6440 Brooklyn avenue, at a cost of $20,000. The property which his home overlooked was unrestricted, and Mr. Lynn made this purchase in order to control its development. This was regarded as, somewhat remarkable.

That purchase, however, turned out to be only the first of a series. Subsequently Mr. Lynn has assembled thereabouts the largest land area under one ownership within the city limits except, of course, the tracts bought by subdividers and investors for resale purposes.

In four months after his first purchase adjoining his home, Mr. Lynn had bought approximately forty acres there at a total expenditure of $97,100. Apparently satisfied with the extent of his holdings, Mr. Lynn then made no purchases for some time.


Later he recommenced buying, and the acquisition of seven acres last week extended his holdings over a total of nearly ninety acres lying between Sixty-third street and Meyer boulevard, Woodland and Prospect avenues. In acquiring this extensive area, Mr. Lynn has invested a total of more than $210,000. The land now server, no other purpose than that of a yard. A yard large enough, however, to include a 9-hole golf course, the only private course here which is more than an approach-shot practice ground.

Mr. Lynn's purchase week brought him 500 additional feet of Meyer boulevard frontage, giving him all of the ground on the north side of that thoroughfare between Woodland and Prospect avenues except a tract 150 feet square at the northwest corner of Meyer and Prospect, now occupied by a filling station.

Two and one-half acres of the seven was purchased from the Sisters' Aid Jewish orphan home for $7,500. This tract fronts on Prospect avenue. Four and one-half acres was bought from the Manhattan Oil Company for a purchase price not revealed, but it is understood the total cost of the two was in excess of $17,000. John A. Moore of the Rieger-Moore Realty Company, who has represented Mr. Lynn in assembling the extensive property, and W. D. Wolfe were the realtors in the transaction.


The Lynn property is familiar to all motorists who have driven across Meyer boulevard to Swope Park. The high and sturdy fence of woven wire extending along the boulevard block after block and the golf course beyond has attracted much attention. The Lynn home is not visible from the boulevard. It is among a group of trees well to the north.

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