Friday, May 13, 1955


VALUED AT $1,641,762.
Other Extensive Holdings of Insurance
and Oil Operator Believed Worth
Nearly 5 Million Dollars.

James J. Lynn, Kansas City insurance and oil operator who died February 20 at his farm home at Borrego Springs, Calif., left personal property valued at $1,6411,762.92 and Kansas City real estate appraised at $187,689.

This appraisement under the jurisdiction of the probate court of Jackson County, completed today, does not include the extensive Lynn oil properties worth possibly 5 million dollars. There are ancillary administrations in Texas, California, Illinois Oklahoma and Kansas.

Farm Property Sold.

The much admired valley farm property at Borrego Springs, a hundred miles northeast of San Diego, found a ready market and has been sold in the California administration for $356,000.

Kansas City property consisted of a business property at 1729 McGee street and the extensive home estate south of Sixty-third street and west of Prospect avenue.

The Jackson County appraisement, completed today by Richard H. Beeson, James E. Campbell and John A. Moore, totaled cash at $120,817.94, notes, accounts stock and bonds at $1,516,405.98 and other personal property at $4,539.

The larger investments listed:

2,500 shares Chicago Great Western Railway company $107,812.50

500 shares W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company 9,625.00

200 shares Kansas City Southern Railway 14,806.25

315 shares Mercantile Bank and Trust company 11,655.00

6,915 shares Maryland Electronics Manufacturing corporation 172,875.00

26 shares Peoples Securities company 13,000.00

300 shares Southland Paper Mills, Inc. 21,000.00

46,179 shares Union National bank 1,015,938.00

91,208 shares Western Exploration company 22,802.00

Large Gift Made.

Of original heavy holdings in three fields, Mr. Lynn at his death retained only the large block of stock in the Union National bank. Last spring he gave a million dollars in Kansas City Southern stock to the Self Realization Fellowship, a religious organization on the Pacific coast based on Yoga principles. He himself as Rajasi Janakananda had been president of the Self Realization group.

Ownership of the James J. Lynn insurance group, the U. S. Epperson Underwriting company, and the Universal Underwriters insurance company, passed late last summer to Eugene M. Lynn, Jr., his nephew and protege.

The James J. Lynn will places virtually all the Lynn property in trust with the Union National bank for the benefit of his wife, Mrs. Freda J. Lynn, who is to receive the Income.

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