SRF Artists, Musicians, Writers

Crista Couch
Clark Jamison Hand Drum Lessons & Performance - Jimmie YaDullah
Apatrou Photography
Lindsay Boyd, Writer,
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The Unintentional Healing of Soul
Proper Respect for a Wound
Thanks be to the World
Bright Blue Gorilla
Steve Hydonus - Soul Searchin' -Music CD
Susan Phillips Fine Art
Roses Roses: Devotional Concerts of Paramahansa Yogananda's Cosmic Chants
Wall Art San Diego
Patrick Recob, Bassist
La Mar Fine Art 
MasterPeace from the "Cosmic Chants" of  Paramahansa Yogananda
Orchestral Arrangements by Larry Leeder
Shirley Kaiser, Pianist - Composer
Bo Baseman, Blue Lotus Cosmic Chants Vol. 1 - Unique and original instrumental arrangements of Paramahansa Yogananda's timeless, spiritually transforming music. Performed on flute, harp,strings, keyboard and percussion.
Bill Barnes, For The Guru - Selections from Paramahansa Yogananda's Cosmic Chants
performed on the sitar and guitar. Instruments include tablas, tanpuras, bells and cymbals.
Rasa with Howard Hart, "Ancient Chants" CD includes Door of My Heart, In the Temple of Silence, Thousands of Suns, and Om Chant.
Suzanne Baldon's Gallery of Art
Light - John St. Pierre
Juan Avila - Modern Mayan Productions
Eric Ragno (California) Keyboard
Linda Moser (Arizona) operatic vocalist, CD: "Chanting the Sacred Path"
- as performed in the Great Pyramid 
Joseph Trent (New York)Flute - Ananda Music
Niyama Design
Photographer - Claudio Edinger

Bright Blue Gorilla
By Charlotte Hebert, a kriyaban devotee. 
Julie Rose
This Dream, an album by SRF devotee Julie Rose.
She also offers
Happy Children's Music Academy
Ron Hart
Ron Hart/
also at

Adoration John Salih
John Salih
Hush and Feel
    Several of Master's chants as well as some original songs.
jai yoganandaoriental christ

Link to Le Mar Fine Art
A painting inspired by the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, from La Mar Fine Art
Yogananda at Lake Shrine
High-definition 8x10 prints of Guruji's portraits are available at:
René Wagemakers Fine Artist
Sri YukteswarsolsticePYmusic
Astrogems has inexpensive alternative pictures of our wonderfull line of Gurus.    
If you know of any SRF artists or musicians not listed, please email me.

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