Lake Shrine Pilgrimage (Part 3)


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Monuments to the five largest religions
and the best that they represent.

Stone Path
Stone Path

Madonna and Christ Child
Madonna and Christ Child

The Swans
The Swans

Sri Yogananda's Mahasamadhi Site
Sri Yogananda's Mahasamadhi Site
in the Biltmore Hotel.
Sri Yogananda's Mahasamadhi Site

The Infinite Archives
 Every form, thought, motion that has been exhibited on the screen of time and space is recorded permanently. These cosmic motion pictures—and they were never more than that, portrayed by immortal souls—are preserved in the Infinite Archives. Those God-realized souls who earn entrance into the secret vaults of Spirit know the wonder of this mystery of immortality.
   Paramahansa Yogananda, The Bhagavad Gita: God Talks With Arjuna, p.211

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Pilgrimage to SRF Mother Center
SRF Hollywood Temple
Lake Shrine Temple

  Matthew Wall's page showing Construction of Lakeshrine Temple

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