Six Words for Man
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    There are six Hebrew words for man that are used in the Old Testament according to the Christian writer, Robert Hicks, in  Masculine Journey.  The six words and their interpreted meanings are as follows:
 1. 'ADAM - Creational (The Noble Savage)
 2. ZAKAR - Phallic (The Mysterious Taskmaster)
 3. GIBBOR - Warrior (The Glorious Hero)
 4. ENOSH - Wounded (The Painful Incongruency)
 5. ISH - Mature (The Reborn Ruler)
 6. ZAKEN - Sage (The Fulfilled Man)

    These are taken, by Robert Hicks, to be six stages that a man passes through or fails to pass through on the way to spiritual maturity or completeness as a man. It is easy to see that men (and women) can become mired in the earlier stages of development without ever reaching full growth.

    I humbly submit that these six names of man also correspond to the first six centers of consciousness known as chakras to practitioners of yoga.  A  simplified correspondence of these chakras to the above research is as follows:
Hebraic Word for Man
Corresponding Chakra
'ADAM - Creational
coccygeal, at the base of the spine (survival consciousness)
ZAKAR - Phallic 
sacral, two inches above the base (procreation consciousness)
GIBBOR - Warrior
lumbar, opposite the navel (power consciousness)
ENOSH - Wounded
dorsal, opposite the heart (heart consciousness)
ISH - Mature 
cervical, at the base of the neck (devotional consciousness)
ZAKEN - Sage
ajna, traditionally located between the eyebrows; in actuality,  connected with the medulla of  the brain (consciousness of spiritual sight)

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