Forgive Them  

    "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 24:34  This request of Jesus is more than just for the moment of the crucifixion and for those that perpetrated that crime.  It extended to all mankind throughout time and reveals the compassionate heart of God.  How can any man have all the information and understanding necessary to know exactly what he is doing?  The Book of Proverbs says that only God knows a man's way.  Even a criminal does not know how he violates his own soul.  The cosmic delusion (called Maya to the Hindus and Satan to Christians) disguises the ultimate reality of every soul's relationship with God.  The restless mind and heart must be trained to be more forgiving by approaching God in stillness, meditation, wakefulness, and prayer.  No other reality matters more than our relationship with Him.  God will heal all our wounds and comfort all hurts when we contact Him and His joy in cosmic ecstasy in this life (and not just after we die).  He is beyond all creation and came to us personally.  We cannot possibly know all His ways; He who is the creator.
                                                                Doug Couch

 From The Divine Romance,
by Paramahansa Yogananda, p.200

    "You heighten suffering by imagination. Worrying or feeling sorry for yourself won't ease your pain, but rather increase it. For instance, someone wrongs you; you dwell on it, and your friends talk about it and sympathize with you. The more you think of it, the more you magnify the hurt--and your suffering. When someone wrongs you, it is far better to love him spiritually, give him your blessings, and forget it."

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