Rajarsi Janakananda, 

J. J. Lynn, in Kansas City, Missouri

Part 3

6400 Lewis Road in Swope Park

        An SRF member in Kansas City, Trey Hanna, was surprised by something he read in Rajarsi Janakananda: A Great Western Yogi. The book includes a 1952 newspaper article about J.J. Lynn. In that article, Trey found a mention his own grandfather, J. V. Lewis. In the last section of that article, Mr. Lynn recalls how he had an opportunity to sell some land for use as an outdoor theater. This was near a new entrance to a city park. Rather that doing that, he called the Superintendent of Kansas City Parks, J.V. Lewis to make a gift to the city of the fifteen acres to be added to Swope Park, a city park second only in size to Central Park in New York.

Lewis Road, which goes through this section of Swope Park, is named for J. V. Lewis who was Superintendent of Parks for twenty-six years.

6400 Lewis Road in Swope Park

There are several ball fields in this section of the park. The outfield was in use this summer day by a large flock of geese.

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(1) Universal Underwriters Bldg. built as memorial to J.J. Lynn
(2) Epperson House, a gift to UMKC
(3) Gift of land to Swope Park
(4) Lynn homesite and estate
(5) Pantheon where Rajarsi crypt is located

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