Angel Fire Ski 2003

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Sheyda and Shara at Ski School.

On Rio Grande Gorge Bridge by Taos.

The whole crew at the cabin with fresh snow.

Sheyda takes to skiing like a duck to...

Shirin in her first moments of skiing.

Shara and Sheyda above Exhibition run at Angelfire.

Sheyda is fast and likes to ski ahead.

While the rest of us ski in a pack.

Shara likes the new falling snow.

She skis right by the camera man.

A little too close to the camera; my ski poles trip her up!

Shirin skis as a flower girl.

On her 3rd day of skiing, Sheyda thinks it is time to try "The Badlands."

The Badlands are rated black if you go over these large ski jumps.

The camera man chickens out of the jumps, because after all, "I have to protect the camera!"

It is good to be the queen of the jumps.

Angelfire Ski Resort at the base of Exhibition Slope.